Used Ice Cream trucks for sale by Captain Kool in Centerline MI
Buy a used Ice Cream or Good Humor truck for a local vending business in your city.
Used Ice Cream truck sales
Used step vans for sale and Ice Cream truck conversions services. We sell used step vans for ice cream truck route sales
Good Humor trucks for sale and also wholesale novelty ice cream sales in Metro Detroit to independent truck drivers.
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We also carry Blue Bunny Ice Creams



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CaptKool Ice CReam Company has many great deals on used step vans for neighborhood ice cream curb side sales.

Our Office & warehouse are open for the 2009 season.

This web site showcases novelty ice creams brought to Metro Detroit neighborhoods by trucks like ours for over 80 years. We wholesale Well's Blue Bunny, NorthStar, Rich's and other top brand ice cream bars, sandwiches, Malt cups and ice pops by case lots to the general public. We also operate 24 Metro Detroit Ice Cream routes 7 days a week throughout the May to October curb-side ice cream sales season.

CK Corporation supports the needs of independent ice cream route vendors, small ice cream shops and all our route customers. We also sell used Ice Cream Trucks, which are known for their quality and reliability year after year. Captain Kool knows what you will need to do the job of mobile vending the right way. I refuse to sell you anything that I personally would not use myself. If it comes from me, or is recommended by me, I either use it regularly myself, or I am extremely familiar with it, and know that it will work well for you. This site features ice creams and other related products designed to keep our customers happy to hear the ice cream truck Bells and music coming down their streets ...with delicious frozen  treats. CK Corporation continues helping to improve on an industry that provides so much happiness to so many people on a daily basis since the 1920's.......enjoy your visit here and call us at...586-755-4888.

Looking for a great deal on a Used Step van suitable for converting into a Ice Cream Vending Route business? Used Step Vans converted for neightborhood Ice Cream routesWell this is the place to find a reasonably priced converted Step van with work done by our experienced mechanics and body shop experts installing the freezer equipment to your exact specifications. We even offer ready to drive-off conversion Step vans for Ice Cream Routes. For Over 30 years we have offered conversion Stepvans, Ice cream push carts, used cars, cold plate and conventional freezers sold from our Sherwood Centerline Michigan location. We also sell Blue Bunny, Riches, Wells Dairy and other brands of novelty ice cream bars to the general public, and at wholesale prices to independent route drivers and storefronts. We both buy and sell used step vans and perform conversions during the winter off season from our own maintenance service facilities.

Completely rebuilt Ford Ice Cream Truck for sale by CK Corp

Patrick Hyland -President of CK Corporation of Centerline

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CK has participated in hundreds of Ice Cream special events for over 25 years for company and Union picnics and employee gatherings, fireworks displays, school parties,Blue Bunny and Good Humor Ice Cream event carts Church fairs, City parades and summertime wedding parties. We offer daily truck and Ice Cream push cart rentals and allow event coordinators to choose from over 60 novelty ice cream bars at wholesale prices. Click here to learn about how you can sponsor a Ice Cream event for your group. Everyone loves ice cream and you can have fun while raising some money of spreading some goodwill...with plenty of ice cream choices. If you are close buy we wholesale case lots of novelty Rich's, NorthStar and other top brands 7 days a week from our warehouse office. Click here to see our counter wholesale price list for this season, which shows our Well's Blue Bunny and other brand novelty ice cream bars, ice pops and delicious frozen desert cups . We also sell dry Ice to the general public. Independent truck drivers and ice cream shop owners may call for additional reseller discounts.

As President of the company and also an experienced route driver, I want you to be aware that it is my goal to supply you with top quality products and services that work well for you day in & out. This site comes from my own research in finding Stepvans suitable for converting to the needs of a average street vendor seeking a viable Ice Cream Route business. CK Corp. has operated a fleet of trucks catering to the Metro Detroit neighborhoods since 1975. We know this business through actual daily experience of selling novelity ice creams to independent drivers and from the windows of our our route trucks. The conversion products like cold plate freezers, signage and safety equipment, and used Stepvans offered here are the very ones we'd buy ourselves to run a successful Ice Cream Route Business.

Our Complete used step vans for sale are listed here...

Ice Cream Carts and Ice Cream Trucks rentals for Special Events

Buy used step vans for ice cream truck route sales

Buy a used Ice Cream step van from this car/truck dealer in Detroit MI. Purchase used step van for ice cream bar sales in your city Home owners can use our services to list their house for sale without MLS fees.

We offer low prices on used ice cream trucks and arrange shipping nationwide.
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